People behind

Chris Savery
Mastermind and original founder of this project. Did all the original CAD design and most of the firmware and driver for CGMiner.

Rewritten most of the original CGM driver. Added lots of new functionality. Included Klondike driver to upstream CGM.

Collected us all :), supplied us with the units and did a lots of testing. He really was a great aid.

Kent Porter, Michael LaFleur, Colin Fitzgerald, Collin Cunningham, Thibaud Fabre, Kosta, jasinlee and zipiju
Done various hw and firmware tweaks, worked on this site etc.


22. december 2013
Working on the K16-55 for 55nm Avalons. Should be available this year hopefully.

25. november 2013
New pictures in How to build section + some new texts

About project Klondike

Project Klondike was an open-source Bitcoin miner design originally started by Chris Savery. It was based on Avalon Gen1 ASICs. Project was delayed because of certain circumstances, but was sucessfully finished by a group of people, although only with basic firmware. However, this in any way haven't degraded its performance.

Three designs were made by Chris:

K1 K16s K16q
one chip miner that pluggs directly into the computer USB port, using computer power supply 16 chip bitcoin miner with USB conectivity using external power supply and using an SSOP variant of 8-bit PIC16LF1459 microcontroller 16 chip bitcoin miner with USB conectivity using external power supply and using an QFN variant of 8-bit PIC16LF1459 microcontroller, otherwise identical to K16s

When design was finally finished, K16 demonstrated performance was 5.6 GH/s with error rate as low as 0.01% with chips overclocked to 350MHz and with another (small) window for overclocking. At a time, this was one of the first boards using first Bitcoin mining ASICs ever made.

All files needed to build this boards are open-source and publicly available. However to build one of this devices, you will need Avalon Gen1 ASICs, which can be hard to get.

Where to go next?

Couple of options you have. If you want to see some pictures of the devices, visit the Gallery.
If you want to build one, go to How to Build, or if you want to buy one, be sure to check Manufacturers. Users owning this device, be sure to check How to program and How to run sections.


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